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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Love Triangles

Today I'm going to discuss yet another plot cliche used in movies and books: the love triangle.

This device is probably as old as time. It's been used in classics such as Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, and Titanic. People supposedly like conflicts that involve a person having to choose between two love interests, especially when both of them are decent, rather than the old "one good, one bad" routine.

Frankly, I'm not one of these people. Love triangles are not as romantic in the real world as they are depicted in Hollywood. When a person who is already involved with someone else, that means he or she is either cheating or thinking about cheating. And even if they aren't involved, that means that the party cannot make up his or her mind. You would think that the two competitors would realize that if their love interest can't choose between them, they would realize that he or she is probably not worth it. But nooooo...they always blame each other.

Do you see how annoying this is? Sometimes, the love triangle happens because the person who can't make up his or her mind is the writer. This appears to be the case in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie; Elizabeth is apparently falling for Jack Sparrow, even though she's engaged to Will. As much as I love the character of Jack Sparrow, I think this is pathetic. Wasn't there already a plot like this in the first movie because Elizabeth was engaged to someone else while she was really in love with Will? Do I detect some fickleness on the lady's part.

I'm sure it will be resolved in the next movie. All the same, I'll be kind of annoyed if she chooses Jack over Will. Jack is funny and everything, but doesn't she realize that he's already "been around", as implied in the repeated joke of Jack getting slapped by prostitutes? I wouldn't want to be with a guy that's been from port to port! Besides, Will is brave, noble, and he loves Elizabeth (not to mention that he's ORLANDO BLOOM, for crying out loud)! I don't get why some female character are supposedly attracted to dangerous men. Wouldn't they rather be with a nice guy who loves them instead of dangerous men that may disrespect them? I know I would.

Here are a few other love triangles that I can't stand:

The Dawson's Creek Triangle: Oh, gag. What was so special about Joey Potter that made Dawson and Pacey go gaga anyway? As I stated earlier, she clearly wasn't worth it if she couldn't make up her mind between the two of them. Like Dawson and Pacey were good prospects anyway. Pacey slept with a teacher, for crying out loud! And Dawson has to be the whiniest guy on the planet!

Gone With the Wind: I don't know why Scarlett kept wasting her time over Ashley. He clearly wasn't interested in her. Rhett probably should have left her sooner.

Smallville: Will somebody PLEASE tell the writers to axe Lana Lang? I can't take it anymore!!!! And get Clark in the Superman tights!

Any triangle on a soap opera: Like I said, the women involved are spineless. They just can't seem to get along without a man, can they? A real good message to single women--NOT.

The Wedding Planner: The guy in the movie was cheating on his fiancee and Jennifer Lopez STILL ended up with him?! She should have followed through on her threat of plan involving "a machete and a pair of plyers." Hasn't it occurred to her that what goes around comes around. No one in the right mind wants a guy who is a cheater.

Love triangles are clearly overrused; they are the reason I can't stand most chick flicks. Avoid them in your writing and in real life. You're likely to get hurt if you're in a love triangle. I'd advise you to remove yourself from the situation, if and when you ever end up in one.

P.S. Despite my problem with the love triangle, I loved Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and can't wait to see the next movie.


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